For every 25 Euro donated one child in a remote area will get a MAMA-LIGHT Solar Lamp. With this lamp not only the child will have light in the evening to study, but the experience has learned that the whole family benefits. The H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma Foundation will distribute the lamps donated to kids of families in areas without access to electricity.

As the Dutch tax Authority has granted the ANBI-status (general Benefit Providing Organisation) to the H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma Foundation, natural and legal persons making donations to the H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma Foundation may deduct their gifts from their (Dutch) income tax or corporate income tax.

Via the annual report (under control of KPMG) and the website of the H.R.H. Princess Abze Foundation insight will be given how much money for lamps is sponsored and where the lamps are donated.

For donations of more than 1000 Euro please transfer money directly to the bank account of the Foundation and/or contact the Foundation directly via the Contact Form. The foundation will inform you by email where the lamps are donated.

In case a person or company donates budget for at least 1000 lamps, the person or company will have the possibility attend the handover of the lamps to the children / schools.