H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma spoke on behalf of the Private Sector at  the closing session during the 2nd United Nations Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries in Vienna November 2014

The event brought together business leaders and government officials from LLDC’s and transit countries, as well as development partners and senior officals from major international organisations, to exchange views on the challenges and opportunities faced by LLDCs and to discuss possible partnerships and strategies in regards to the role of the private sector in the overall sustainable development of LLDCs. The discussions fitted in the context of the emerging post-2015 development agenda where the private sector is expected to play a key role in successfully implementing anticipated sustainable development goals (SDGs).

H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma and Mr Ban Ki-moon were the Keynote Speakers during the High Level Luncheon organised by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and attended by high officials from the United Nations, Presidents and many Ministers of Land Locked Countries. Mr Ban Ki-moon. Secretary General of the United Nations, did the opening speech and H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma did the closing speech.


At the last day of the conference H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma presented the results and the conclusions of the Business and Investment Forum at the closing plenary session. At the end of this plenary session the United Nations General Assembly adopted a 10 year action-plan aimed at accelerating sustainable development in the world’s 32 landlocked developing countries, see Plan-of-Action, where the private sector plays an important role. Click on the picture above to see the presentation of H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma (from 18.25 min).