‘ON THE WAY TO COP26’ is a series of conversations led by H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma

Episode 4 – 25th August 2021: Local actions matter

this episode H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma is in conversation with:
– Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster. Former Lord Mayor of Stuttgart and Vice-President of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)
– Vintura Silva, Regional Lead, UNFCCC – RCC-St. Georges
– Maria Marshall, Student High School Harrison College – Barbados
– Ashley Lashley, Founder Healthy & Environmentally Friendly Youth (HEY) Campaign/ UNICEF Youth advocate Eastern Caribbean
– Arifa Umarella , Student University of Applied Sciences – Rotterdam

On the Road to COP26 Glasgow UK is about walking the Talk and implementing Actions for Climate Empowerment daily. What ever you do: Green it, Tech it, Gender it and Enjoy it for a balanced environment and lead by examples!

People’s creativity in combination with technology and innovation skills are building a Safe Smart Secure green economy environment for all.

We are connected for good for our sustainable future having our Youth in the driving seat. In today conversation: Understand, Own and Act at local level. There is a lot you can do yourself in your own environment. There is a lot villages, cities and regions can do. No need to wait for guidance from the top. Remember we all are part of the Global Solutions! get in touch with us and we will accelerate it.