‘ON THE WAY TO COP26’ is a series of conversations led by H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma

Episode 5 – 27th August 2021: Energy in Partnership

In this episode H.R.H. Princess Abze Djigma is in conversation with:
– Mark Carrato, Coordinator, Power Africa USAID
– Niclas Svenningsen, Manager Global Climate Action – UNFCCC
– Margaret Barihaihi, Regional Manager NDC Partnership Support Unit
– Elizabeth Gulugulu, Youth Climate Change Advocate – Zimbabwe
– Jean-Luc Fahners, Student Driestar College – Leiden

On the Road to COP26 Glasgow UK is about walking the Talk and implementing Actions for Climate Empowerment daily. What ever you do: Green it, Tech it, Gender it and Enjoy it for a balanced environment and lead by examples!

People’s creativity in combination with technology and innovation skills are building a Safe Smart Secure green economy environment for all.

We are connected for good for our sustainable future having our Youth in the driving seat. In today conversation: Understand, Own and Act at local together. Providing and securing energy for productive use is complex and doesn’t go automatically, but solutions are there. Partnerships and sharing knowledge are the key enablers.

Remember we all are part of the Global Solutions! get in touch with us and we will accelerate it.